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La Grande Bouffe Panama S.A.


Lobster Season is Here

In Brazil and Florida, Panulirus Argus,

Whole cooked, whole frozen or tails.

please place your orders. 

P. Vanameii Shrimp

From Ecuador ready to ship

New Item

Canada Lobster Frozen Live or Cooked

Caribbean Lobster in Season Now

We are celebrating!

New opening of the lobster season in Brasil, Samba and Song and Lobster!

Tails and Whole Frozen , best quality & price


[email protected]

Prime quality HOSO, or HLSO

Headless White

Head On Semi IQF

Time to eat healthy !!!

Grouper Fillets, Red Snapper Fillets, Mahi Mahi fillets, and Portions, Wahoo Fillets, Corvina Fillets and Portions, Tuna Steaks and Loins. CO, and Natural.

We have them all in Miami, already passed FDA,
from Vietnam, Ecuador, Mexico.

Great Prices, just ask !!!

We offer you, Octopus Maya, clean from Yucatan,

Prime quality, one container, 2/4 lb already in storage in the USA East Coast. 44lb case. The best octopus in the market, not rubbery tend and sweet , tastes like scallops, and is buttery.

We have frozen Corvina fillets fom Ecuador, 1/3 3/5 5/up, frozen in 50lb boxes, premium quality.

Great looking and tasting whole gutted red snappers,

CO Tuna steaks, loins and ground meat, sashimi quality in Miami, ready to deliver, in container load amounts

Order your lobster today !!

[email protected]

And our new line of solar refrigeration !!

This is unbelievable!

Solar Refrigerated Containers

Stop paying for electricity!!

Forget the power bill !!!

20 foot, or 40 foot

Temperatures from -18°C to 5°C

If you have sunshine in your area, you don't need to pay a power bill for your freezer or cooler

Guaranteed !!

Order yours today !!


[email protected]

We need dealers, for all of the USA

And Latin America, this is the biggest business for the next 20 years!!

Solar Energy Refrigeration is here!!

Solar panels, guaranteed for 25 years

Our Solar Energy Refrigerated 20 foot unit

Power Bills????

Forget about it !!


special offerings



Also Brasilian Red Snapper

Mexican Headless Mazatlan

Wild White Shrimp

From U 15 to 41-50

Nicaragua Penaeus Vanammeii large sizes:
 20 30 & 30 40 Head On

Season's harvest is ongoing

Place your orders !!

Whole Frozen

Whole Cooked


We are now producing Nicaraguan P. Vanameii Head On or

Headless Shrimp

A4 colour, nice & red when cooked

Great price, super good quality !

Place your orders

Reasonable prices !!!

We are also shipping

Fresh Fish From Nicaragua, and Surinam to the USA.

Red Snapper, Grouper, Corvina

Any fresher, they would be swimming !!!

Our lobsters, are processed live, super fresh...!!

News !!!

We appointed an exclusive agent in Roma

Italia is Beautiful !

Italia ama l' Aragosta

Lobster season is coming soon!!

Our new agent in Rome for Italy is

MITA, bc their website is

Contact them for orders in the upcoming lobster season and other products

Grazie Roma


Fish_catalog.ppt (PPT — 7 MB)

the Seafood Show !

Adios a España y Portugal

Estamos en Miami, Nicaragua, Cancun.

Sea nuestro agente en Madrid,

o en Lisboa !!!

Falamos un poquinho de Portugues, e muito Portuñol !

Le interesa ser nuestro agente o distribuidor ?

Escribanos a [email protected]

Agents will be appointed, all over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America!


Introducing to seafood processors worlwide:

The Biomask

check our powepoint

The only protection you have

against the money robbers:

Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, and Yeasts

The Biomask

Old type of masks : Just an air filter !
Kills 99.9% of all airborne disease carriers, from employees to product, and from employees to employees.

OK !!!Are you hungry now ?

Try our tuna or swordfish loins !!!

We have all that you want!!!

Featuring Panulirus Argus:

Nicaraguan Lobster tails, and Whole Frozen

Florida Whole Cooked

For the new season, we will contract large quantities.

We also produce lobster in the blue waters of Cancun, P. Argus, whole and tails.

Our Recipy !!


A La Peña del Tigre

Snook (Robalo) whole and fillets

New Products

Octopus, baby and large

ChileanMussels: Whole cooked, half shell and mussel meat

Panulirus Argus

Somos especialistas en pescados y mariscos de alta calidad.

Robalo, pargos, meros, filetes

Tenemos una distribuidora en Cancun, y en Mexico D.F.

Dist. Halkis S.A. de C.V.

Somos: Control de Calidad

Garantia de Peso Exacto

H.A.C.C.P. y E.U.R .


De todas las tallas,

P. Vanameii

Enteros, Colas, Pelados

de la mejor calidad criados en aguas de alta salinidad, sabor marino.

Ikura, Prince William Sound

Alaska, el mejor caviar de Salmon

del mundo

Tambien ofrecemos salmon ahumado, caviar de paddlefish, de esturion, de bowfin, en nuestra linea gourmet.

Tenemos oficinas en Managua, Panama, Cancun, Mexico, Madrid y pronto en Roma , Uruguay y Brasil

Nuestra representante en Cancun, Mexico:

Distribuidora Halkis S.A. de C.V. mantiene inventarios en Cancun, y el Robalo entero , filetes y lonjas, y otras especies. Vea su catalogo en el enlace abajo

Nuestra clientela, son grandes distribuidores, importadores y cadenas de tiendas de autoservicio.

Alta calidad, y servicio de primera es la diferencia.

Llamenos al 305 381 1848 , o escribanos :

[email protected] 

Paella de Langosta Especial

Paella de Mariscos Increible

Esta temporada de Cuaresma debes de ser creativo, y ponerte a inventar nuevos tipos de recetas, pescado a la parrilla, al horno, ceviches.

De paella, mariscadas, zarzuelas de mariscos, parrilladas marinas, arroz con camarones y almejas. Marisco estilo chino, español, chaufa, gallego, veraruzano, mediterraneo.

Dale sabor a tu vida, que solo vives una vez....

y en el Mas Alla, no hay comida,

solo en en Mas Aca !!

Disfruta tus comidas, tu familia te lo agradecera!